Established in 1889, the Waban Improvement Society is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization whose membership comprises all people who live and/or work in Waban, Massachusetts. The Society promotes any activity intended to improve Waban and fosters a sense of community for those who live and work here.

Waban Village Day 2015 sticky icon

05/17/2015 11:00 am

Ten years ago, the Waban Improvement Society, established in 1889, began Waban Village Day which includes rides, activities, and entertainment for all ages. The WIS differentiates its Village Day celebration by featuring internationally recognized talent from a wide variety of genres: Jazz, Reggae, Soul, Blues, and Rock. This year we are pleased to announce that World renowned saxophonist Philippe Cretien and director of the Rivers Jazz ensembles will be bringing his professional group in addition to his student ensembles.

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03/14/2015 7:00 pm

The Waban Improvement Society’s 12th Annual Progressive Dinner is March 14, 2015. Attendance in past years has helped make this evening one of our neighborhood’s most popular and cherished new traditions. Every year, we are all treated to an evening of new and renewed friendships, the warm hospitality of neighbors, delicious cuisine and delightful conversation. We come together as neighbors in one another’s homes and are once again reminded of how exceptional Waban truly is. Please contact Ilana Steel 617.875.2965 for coordination of your food participation as well as any questions you may have.

WIS Member price $16 per person (includes $1 paypal fee)

Food Participation


Non-WIS Member price $21 per person (includes $1 paypal fee)

Food Participation



Photos from 2011:

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Recycling in Newton

Ask for paper bags over plastic, here's why

Angier History Project

Waban’s Benjamin Korsh: Breaking New Ground in Photography

While Preserving Angier History

Benjamin Korsh, 19, a student at UMASS/Boston, moved to Waban at age 2. He attended Newton schools, graduating from Newton South in 2012. His time at Angier School made a lasting impression on Korsh, who two years ago conceived the idea of creating large-scale artistic photographs of Angier classrooms before the school building is torn down this spring.

History Project

The Waban History Project has been rejuvenated with a new focus. At present, we plan to publish a book (in both print and online formats) that will update the first work of Waban history, Waban, Early Days. As such, we are now soliciting manuscripts (handwritten, typewritten, sent via email or in virtually any other format) of personal memoirs of Waban life and times. We are particularly interested in the years 1920 to 1960. Please send along any memories to, the Waban oral history published in the late 1940's. We are looking to interview long-time Waban residents to discuss their early remembrances of Waban. If you would like to participate, please contact: Lauren Paul 617-559-9967

Student Scholarship

WIS has established a scholarship at Newton North and Newton South High Schools. It will be awarded each spring to a graduating senior who resides in Waban and who participates in community service programs. This scholarship will be added to the list of Local Newton Scholarships, announced each year at both high schools. All student applications and information submitted are held in strict confidence and remain within the school. Students who are selected will be notified prior to graduation when the local scholarships are announced.

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