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Click here to read Waban Early Days Click here for a PDF contribution from former resident George Nugent.

Click here for a PDF early history of the WIS from Waban- The Early Days pub 1944.

Click here to read Waban Homes

Click here to read History of Newton

The Waban Area Council has launched a Historic Reserch Project. Please contact Chris Pitts, Rena Getz, or Isabelle Albeck to help out.


6th Grade Angier 1940


Angier School, 1940 Grade 6, Mr. Jim Peebles Picture from George Nugent Front Row 1. 2.Cynthia Churchill 3. 4. 5. Harry Egan 6. 7. 8. 9. Eddie Verplank Middle Row 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Dick Wells 6. Courtney Sherbrooke 7. Ann Marquis 8. 9. Patty Murphy 10.Irene Conant Back Row 1. Joan Delamater 2. Martha Townsend 3. 4. Jean Hudson 5. Barbara Wood 6. 7. Dick Potts 8. George Nugent 9. Milton Heath 10.Mr. Peebles Call to action in 1938 Picture from George Nugent


Disaster Poster




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