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Waban Library Update July 18

By cpitts - Posted on 18 July 2008

It appears the letter given to the Alderman on May 23 listing costs for the branches was a work of fiction. Line items such as the salaries quoted were for full time employees - not part time, utility bills were guessed at, it goes on. Apparently headcount numbers were "creative" as well which may have implications for grants received.

At the Trustee meeting I asked the board to explain why they wanted to close the branch libraries since they account for less than 3% of the total budget and they could not answer. Transparency is ordinarily what public organizations strive for so I suspect like their counterparts in Gulliver’s Travels, they have long ago forgotten the reason. I am trying to keep an updated list of all the problems that are being uncovered  at the website.


  1. Sign the online petition and ask everyone in your emailbox to do the same. When this reaches 1000 names, it will mean a great deal. The other branches are at 1500 names.
  2. Plan to attend this critical BOA meeting on Monday 7/21 at 8:15 PM  Special Committee of the Whole meeting next to re-introduce the budget for a vote, If it passes then we need to return the following Monday 7/28 at 7:45 PM for the actual vote

According to Bill Brandel, showing up "en masse" and leaving when the item is over does more to impress the BOA and effect their vote than anything else. We need to pack the place! So load up the family (leave the pets at home) and see our local government at work ;-)

The Real Deal and what we are planning for:

  • Plan A) The library of the Future: The NFL keeps the branch a library but allows us to join in with our proposal of activities (see below) and volunteers, eventually building up to 7 days. Architect Henry Finch has volunteered to take a look at the branch and articulate some possibilities and requirements
  • Plan B) Game over - no library component. We take over the building and implement some of the ideas mentioned below. Funding will be a major issue, rental to the city or other will most likely be necessary.  It's remotely conceivable that after a new mayor takes office, the branches may return but no one should count on it. Some of the ideas so far include:

  • Tutoring Sessions
  • Computer and Web classes
  • Scout Meetings
  • Chess Clubs
  • Language Clubs
  • Book Clubs
  • Music
  • Story Tellers
  • Living Archive video recording
  • Art Classes & Studio
  • Sewing Clubs
  • WIS Meetings
  • Pre-school Reading Clubs
  • Genealogy Societies
  • Writing Groups
  • Art Showings
  • Study Groups
  • Podcasting Stations
  • Blogger Stations
  • Art Studios
  • Recording Studios
  • Video Studio
  • Imagination Rooms
  • Theater-drama Practice Rooms
  • Photography Studio
  • Lecture Series


Upcoming events

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