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Waban Village Day

This year's Village Day will feature entertainment by Brazilian virtuoso Ebinho Cardoso's new exciting band featuring vocalist Albino Mbie. Due to the uniqueness of his music and technique, he  is one of the most respected Brazilian bassists of the new generation. Composer, arranger, singer and researcher, Ebinho uses atypical elements of the electric bass, showing its range of possibilities. In addition to playing the bass as an accompanying instrument or as a solo instrument, he has found a unique way of playing chords on the bass that characterize his playing style; a style  that combines precision and refinement. In part, he is able to achieve his sound by tuning his instrument in new ways and at higher pitches. His music blends traces of jazz with the idiosyncrasies of classical music interwoven with the rich sounds of his native Brazil. Look for another fun-filled performance by the Newton Family Singers to close out the day.

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Music by the Newton Family Singers

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